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Feelings, relationships and sex

- Developing romantic feelings for someone else is a natural part of our lives.

- Romantic relationships are usually considered a psychological need and are an integrant and healthy part of our lives, although its nature varies with individuals.

- Having sexual intercourse with a consenting partner is a natural and healthy part of our life, although its nature varies with individuals.

Consent in romantic relationships and sexual intercourse

- Consent is the notion by which an individual is able to understand and to freely and willingly accept the consequences of an action.

- It is important to make sure that every person involved in a relationship or sexual intercourse are willingly and freely consenting.

- Understanding the consent or non-consent of a person is best reached through showing empathy, patience and understanding.

- In many countries, non-consensual interactions are forbidden and punished by the law.

Developing romantic relationships

- Romantic relationships can be developed by any individual for any other individual, independently of gender, ethnies, identity, condition,...

- The forms and shapes of romantic relationships are specific to individuals.

- To form a healthy relationship, it is important that all persons involved understand the nature of the relationship and agree to it.

Sexual intercourse

- A sexual intercourse comprises all acts and actions meant for sexual pleasure and/or reproduction, either alone or between consenting partners.

- Sexual intercourse should be pleasurable to all persons involved, and for peace of mind it is important to understand the possible outcomes of a sexual intercourse.

- A sexual intercourse between a person with a penis and a person with a vagina can lead to pregnancy. If pregnancy is not wanted, it is important to use effective contraceptive methods such as condoms or contraceptive pills and devices.

- Sexual intercourse with other partners can lead to the transmission of diseases. The best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases during sexual intercourse is to avoid penetration, or to use a condom on a penis if there is penetration.

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