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Biology and nature is soo fascinating...
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Google "the 5 most common birds in country " + your country. Read about them and write down your own quick fact list Challenge a friend. Go out in nature and make a game to find and recognise birds. Take a photo of them and zoom in as much as possible. It can take days. First to 5 wins a price you decide in advance.
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Understanding human development and puberty

- Puberty is the process by which a girl or a boy become sexually mature, i.e. able to sexually reproduce.

- Puberty marks the transition between childhood and teenage years.

- It is a period marked by important physical and psychological changes, and often the time when young individuals start to explore their sexuality.

Puberty in girls

Puberty in girls happens between 10-14 years-old and is characterized by:

- development of breast

- hair growth in pubic areas and armpits

- starting of menstruating cycles

- concerns about body-image and relation with peers

- changes in self-esteem and self-confidence

Puberty in boys

Puberty in boys happens between 12-16 years-old and is characterized by:

- Increasing size of penis and testicles

- hair growth in pubic areas, armpits and on the face

- increasing of muscle mass

- deepening of voice

- increased aggression or assertion

- changes in self-esteem and self-confidence

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Photosynthesis makes the planet liveable. Photosynthetic organisms remove carbon dioxide from the air. Carbon dioxide is transformed into other organic compounds, supporting life. While animals exhale carbon dioxide, trees and algae act as a carbon sink, keeping most of the element out of the air. Here is a fun video about Photosynthesis:

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