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In 7-9 by James Lent Rockstar (4.7k)  
Start to find the C, if your melody start on that you can skip all the black keys on the piano. Did you know most melodies consist of notes that is 1 or 2 steps up or down from the previous, so it is a great help when trying to play a melody. So if you can hum a song slowly and listen if it is one note up or down, and 1 or 2 steps, then you can start take out songs by ear.
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In 4-6 by Nelli Numminen Guru (7.9k)  

Greek history in 18 minutes in a effective and fun way. Marathons, democracy, the alphabet, Olympics, Gods, Trojan, Homer. 
Hint: Go fullscreen. Afterwards, click Quiz and explore more resources. 

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In 7-9 by Tanya van den Berg Guru (7.1k)  

Goods are any items that satisfy human needs and wants. They are material items that you can purchase. Anything that you can find in a grocery store, farmer's market, shopping mall, home improvement shop, or any other store is a good. These might include: fruit; vegetables; cell phones; train tickets; coffee from a coffee shop; etc. 

How is trade patterns changing, and why? Globalisation is one of the main accelerators of change globally. Check out this video on globalisation and how it is changing the way of production and trade patterns: 

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In 4-6 by Tanya van den Berg Guru (7.1k)  

Want to see something AMAZING? Check out the World's current population and live count here.

Population growth is determined by two factors: Birth and Death Rate. The birth rate is the number of babies born each year per 1000 people, and the death rate is the number of people who die each year per 1000 people. 

When we compare the two factors, we can conclude whether the population is growing/ increasing (when Birth Rates exceed Death Rates) or decreasing (when Death Rates exceed Birth Rates).  The natural increase or decrease of the population depends on the difference between the birth and death rates. The rate of natural increase, or decrease, is the birth rate minus the death rate

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In 7-9 by Juhani Katajamäki Guru (7k)  

How to calculate to get the probability of getting 11 with two dice

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In 7-9 by James Lent Rockstar (4.7k)  

Here is a great video explaining verse, chorus, and bridge in a song!

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In 10-12 by Nelli Numminen Guru (7.9k)  

What events do you think was most important and influential to today's society?
Maybe one of these? Roman empire, Alexander the Great, Greek culture, Pax Romana, Jesus, Muhammed, Genghis Khan, The Black death, The fall of Constantine, The Renaissance, The Gutenburg printing press, Protestant reformation.

European colonialism, American revolution, French revolution, The American civil war, Industrial revolution, The medical revolution,  WW1 and 2, The russian revolution, The great depression, Cold war, Sputnik, JFL assasination, Digital revolution. 

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In 7-9 by Gautier Baudry Guru (5.1k)  

The main body organs

- The body needs all organs in order to function properly.

- The main systems of the body are:

  • The digestive system which contains the stomach and intestine, and extract nutrients and resources from ingested food;
  • The nervous system containing the brain and using the nerves to transfer information transfer between different body parts and the brain, allowing for example to sense and move;
  • The respiratory system containing the lungs, which extract oxygen from the air;
  • The cardiovascular system containing the heart and blood vessel allows the transport of elements such as nutrients, hormones and oxygen all over the body;
  • The reproductive system containing the sex organs like the ovaries and testes and is used for reproduction

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In 4-6 by James Lent Rockstar (4.7k)  

Here is a great video showing you music around the world!

Hint: Checkmark a skill when you know it. Try it now to see your progress in the side menu.

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In 4-6 by Petar Mares Guru (6.6k)  

What is light and colours? Light is made up of energy and travels in a straight line in 299 792 km per second. Travelling at the speed of light, you could go around Earth 7.5 times in a second.

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