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Regents are kings or queens who rule a country. First write a draft, by hand. When you are done, rewrite and make a booklet about your regent, the booklet we will hang up in the classroom.

1. Decide on a regent. Search the Internet or reference books for information, and then decide which king or queen you want to work with. You may like some special time, e.g. 17th century, then you can choose a regent from that time. After some regents it says (head of state) it means that they were people who had power when there was no king or queen.

2. Once you have decided which king or queen you want to work with, find out the facts about him or her. Use the Internet or reference books.

3. When you have found out all the facts, write them down with your nicest handwriting in a booklet. In the booklet you can paste pictures that you have printed from the Internet, copied or drawn yourself. On the outside of the booklet there should be a picture of the regent, as well as the years when he / she was regent.

4. You will hold a small lesson about your regent for your class, parents or a friend.

Find out:

  • What did the country look like during this time?
  • How big was the kingdom?
  • What religion did the inhabitants have?
  • Was it war or peace in the country?
  • Was it famine?
  • What diseases were there?
  • Who was the regent?
  • When was the regent born?
  • How many years ago was it?
  • For how many years was he / she regent?
  • How did he / she become regent (was he / she born or was he / she elected)?
  • Who were his / her parents?
  • Did he / she get married?
  • Did he / she have children?
  • How was the regent as king / queen?
  • Did the people like the regent?
  • Why / why not?
  • Did the regent do anything special when he / she ruled over his / her kingdom (eg started a war or made peace, made laws or changed society)?
  • How did the reign end (was he / she king or queen until death, or did something else happen that made him / her end as regent)?

Thanks to Anna Talarczyk, Brandströmska, Göteborg
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