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History usually repeats itself.
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  • United Nations is an international organization that was founded in 1945
  • It was founded because the world wanted and needed peace after World War II
  • It took approximately two months to first draft and sign the UN Charter, which created the United Nations
    • The main goal was to prevent another world war
  • Four months after the first conference, the United Nations officially began (24.10.1945)
  • When it was first founded it had 50 member states, today the number of member states is 193
    • All of these member states have agreed to climate action in order to limit global warming

Main goals for the United Nations:

  • Maintain peace and security
  • Give humanitarian assistance 
  • Protect human rights
  • Uphold international laws 
  • Achieve a more sustainable future

The main parts of the United Nations are:

  • The General Assembly
  • The Security Council 
  • The Economic and Social Council
  • The Trusteeship Council
  • The International Court of Justice
  • The UN Secretariat 

Watch this informative video by RMIT University and learn even more! 

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  • Revolution is a major and sudden + typically violent alteration in government and in related associations and the structures 
    • Revolutions start when the social climate in a country changes and the political system reacts in a threatening way
  • Aristotle linked the idea of revolutions to many different causes but largely to the desire for social change 
  • Throughout the Middle Ages the countries in Europe did what they could to prevent revolutions and preserve order
    • In the medieval times church maintained the authority 
    • Sometime during the Renaissance however, the concept of revolution changed 
      • People began to believe in change and that it is necessary for the society to progress
  • Greatest revolutions of history are American, English, French, Chinese and Russian revolutions. These didn't only change the system of government but also economic system, social structure and cultural values

Check this informative video by National Geographic and get the most important facts about revolutions!

WHAT IS THE MAIN AIM OF A REVOLUTION? What do the people want to change?

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What caused World War 1

- Nationalism

- Changes to the power structure of Europe

- Arms race

- Alliance system

- Regional tension

- Imperial ambitions

What were the consequences of World War 1

- Map of Europe was reconstructed

- Different treaties -> treaty of Versailles was the most significant one

- Creation of League of Nation and Paris peace conference

     Europe before the war                                          Europe after the war

Look at this short video of World War 1 to see the different phases of the war

Thanks to Geo History


What caused World War 2

- Failure of World War 1 peace settlements

- Global economic depression

- Weakness of the League of Nations 

- Militaristic and nationalist leaders in Germany, Italy and Japan

What were the consequences of World War 2

- Soviet Union started to dominate eastern Europe 

- Germany was divided among allies -> eventually led to the formation of East & West Germany

- USA and Soviet Union became "super nations" 

- Nationalism became a dominant force throughout the world 

Look at this video of World War 2 to see the different phases of the war 

Thanks to Geo History

What did you learn?

Name two causes and two consequences from both wars

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Inter-war period between WW1 and WW2

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