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In this assignment, you will learn more about what it was like to be young in the past. You should get help from your family and interview your parents, grandparents or any other elderly person in your vicinity. If you do not have any older relatives in your area, you may be able to visit a language café and find someone to interview. What do they remember from their childhood?

Feel free to create your own questions. If you find it difficult to create your own questions, you cantake the help of the following:

• What year were you born?
• Where did you live as a child?
• How many years did you go to school?
• What did a school day look like?
• What did you do in your spare time?
• What toys did you like to play with?
• What did you read as a child? Do you remember any particular title or author?
• What was your favourite dish?

When you interview, it is good to either write down short notes or recording the interviews. Get help with audio recording on your phone or computer. Do you have difficulty to meet your grandparents or someone else older in your area you can do the interviews as a telephone call or video call. In these programs you can record your calls. After the conversations, it is good to rewrite the notes. You should then use your notes to either create an oral presentation or write a personal portrait.

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