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Technology is around me everyday. Better understand it.
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Read about variables here.

Here you can practice writing python code online and see the result. 
Write python code and test it online

fruits = ["apple""banana""cherry"]
for x in fruits:
  if x == "banana":

Reed more

i = 1
while i < 6:
  i += 1

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x += 3 means that the value of x is increased with 3. So if x was 4 previously, then it is 4+3, i.e 7 now. It is a shorter form than writing x = x+3 Many coding languages have = is used to set a value to a variable. But == is used for a comparison, e.g. in if(x == 3){ do something }
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Download the zip from: Click Code, Download. Unzip it on your harddrive.
Get login-information to a ftp-server from your school and upload the files there, using e.g. Filezilla.
In a browser, enter the [url to the ftp-server]/spaceinvader/index.html
Read file js/spaceinvaders.js and see how input from keyboard is handled and control the starship in the coordinate system of the screen.
Take a backup copy of the file.
Comment out some things and edit some small things. Save, upload and see your own first changes to your new unique games.
When you are happy, celebrate and send the url to your friends!
Share images and screenshots in the comments below.

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JavaScript Comments
Single line comments// Comment here
Multi line comments/* Comment here */
CSS Comments
Single line,Multi line/* Comment here */
HTML Comments
Single line,Multi line<!– Comment here –>
Python Comments
Single line,Multi line# Comment here
C# Comments
Single line comments// for single line comments
Multi line comments/* for multi line comments */
XML tags comments/// XML tags displayed in a code comment

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