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When we need to tell someone what to do, such as in instruction manuals, giving directions, and when learning lessons at school, we use verbs in the imperative form.  In other words, imperatives are commands.

For example:

Fold the paper. 

Turn left at the corner.

Shut the door please. 

Watch the video to learn more about imperatives, and then play the popular American game, Simon Says.

How to play Simon Says (three or more people):

  1. The first person chooses one person and gives them a command by saying "Simon says..." and then telling that person what to do. 
  2. If the first person says "Simon says" before the command, the other person needs to do what was commanded and hold their position until they are given another command.
  3. If the first person doesn't say "Simon says" before the command and the other person does what was commanded, the other person is eliminated from the game.
  4. If the first person doesn't say "Simon says" before the command and the other person does NOT do what was commanded, then the first person is eliminated from the game.
  5. Keep going until one person is left.  That person is the winner!


John:  Peter, Simon says put your right hand on your left ear.

(Peter puts his right hand on his left ear)

Peter:  Mary, Simon says sit down.

(Mary sits down)

Mary: John, stand on one leg.

(John stands on one leg)

Peter and Mary:  YOU'RE OUT, JOHN!  Simon didn't say! 

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Learning how to give and understand instructions is key to being able to follow directions and understand manuals.  Watch the video and listen for the common ways manuals and directions are written and meant to be understood.

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