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Mission 1: Letter to the planet Copernicus.  A space rocket crash-landed outside the classroom. There were two in it space creatures from the planet Copernicus. The space creatures have gotten in assignment to send home a description of what the Earth looks like and how the people look like. They also want to know what people know about space. Your first mission is to help the space creatures with theirs mission.

Assignment 2: Picture of Tellus from space.  What does our planet look like from space? Your task will be to paint a picture of the soil, cut it out and glue it on a black piece of paper.

Mission 3: The sun! Your third mission will be to find out all you can about the sun. Do one fact sheet that also contains a picture of the sun.

Mission 4: The Moon! Assignment number four you will do at home. For six weeks you should observe the moon. You should draw the shape of the moon every day. Do you discover anything?

Assignment 5: Space fashion! Then it was time to show everyone that we are currently space scientists. Your fifth assignment will be to make a space sweater. Start by making a picture of what you want on your shirt. It must be something that has to do with space to do. Bring a t-shirt from home and then it's over just to get started creating.

Assignment 6: The solar system! Make a model of our solar system. Figure out how you want the model should look and write down what you need, then just put started! Do not forget facts about the planets.

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