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What is electricity?

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Electric current represents directed motion of charge. In case of electric power these are electroncs that move through wires in our electrical grid our homes and our devices. As current flows through our devices it powers there engines, heats up the heaters, turns on the lights, makes out computers work.

If you imagine a water which spins a water mill and moves the water mill grinding the wheat into flour, we could say that the current is doing the same thing spining our washing machines or mixers. But unlike water current can be also used to generate light as heat as well.

Again as water flows through riverbed we need to think that current needs a conductor to flow through.
Materials that conduct electric current are metals, water and a few other materials.

Opposite to conductors we also have insulators which prevent the flow of current and do not conduct it. Materias such as nonmetals, wood, glass, plastic are insulators.

This is the reason almost all of our devices are coated with plastic including all the wires in our house.

The electric power though very useful if not handled with coution could be very dangerous. Touching and exposed metal piece or a live wire that conducts electricity could induce serious injury or even death since the current would flow trough our bodies, harming us in the process, instead through the devices.

This is why we must never touch a wire or inner parts of the device, not covered with insulationo such as plastics for example. If some of our devices our faulty and we feel electric shock when we touch them it is best turn it off, pull the plug and wait for a proffesional.

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