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How to make a magnet at home...

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Permanent magnets and natural magnets

It was in the land of Magnesia that the first magnets were found when it was dug in the ground. The word magnet comes from Magnesia. The first magnets were off the substance magnetite which today is also called black ore.

There is also something called sail stones or magnetic stones. These are rocks which have become magnetized after the lightning strikes them.

Permanent magnets always have a north pole and a south pole. The field lines surround the permanent magnet all the time. The field lines form the magnet's magnetic field. The magnetic field runs from north to south.

There are only three elements that stick to a magnet. These are nickel, iron and cobalt. The reason for this is that many electrons in the metal spin same direction. When the electrons spin in the same direction, the metal sticks

the magnet. Magnets can be damaged and become less magnetic if you drop them on the floor or if you do not anchor them when not in use. The poles on bar magnets can be folded over. This can happen if you place them against the South Pole south pole or north pole towards north pole.

If you divide a bar magnet into two parts, those parts will have a south pole and a North Pole. You can not divide a magnet into two parts and get one part only north pole and some with only south pole.

  1. What material were the first magnets made of?
  2. What are the lines surrounding a magnet called?
  3. The magnetic field goes from north to south or from south to north?
  4. Write the name of the three metals that stick to one magnet?
  5. What can happen if you drop a permanent magnet in the floor?
  6. What happens if you share a bar magnet?

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