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Let's do a quick review of the verb TO BE in simple present.  This video shows you how to form the positive and the negative. 

Grammar Charades Game (4 or more people)

  1. Grammar Charades is where one person tries to get their partner to say a complete sentence using correct grammar by acting out the sentence, without speaking. 

Game Preparation:

  1. On three small pieces of paper write "I am".
  2. On three small pieces of paper write "You are".
  3. Write out the rest of the conjugations on small pieces of paper, tree times each.  (When you are finished, you will have 21 small pieces of paper.)  
  4. Fold each paper in half, so you can't see the writing.  Put the folded pieces of paper in a bowl.
  5. Get 3 small pieces of paper and write "positive" and "negative" on another 3.  Put those in a second bowl.
  6. Get 21 small pieces of paper and write a noun (such as a girl, a tree, a mat) or adjective (such as happy, tired, hungry) on each.  Put those in a third bowl. Click here for a list of common adjectives if you need some ideas.

Playing the game (4 or more people):

  1. One person from the first team, the actor, stands in front of the others and chooses one piece of paper from each of the three bowls. Get the partner to correctly say the sentence they just created with the three pieces of paper without speaking.  
  2. The team has 45 seconds to correctly say the sentence.  The second team keeps track of time.
  3. If the first team correctly says the sentence, they earn one point.  If they do not say the sentence correctly or run out of time, they do not earn any points.  Put the used papers to the side.  Return only the "positive" and "negative" papers to their bag or bowl.
  4. It's now the second team's turn.  The teams go back and forth (or in order if there are more than two teams) until all the papers have been used.
  5. At the end, the team with the most number of points wins! 

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by Guru (7.6k)  

Interactive video quiz on am, is, are. 


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