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It is important to build thrust and start in smaller groups. 1. Select topic and tell the teacher about it. 2. Write down what you want to say. Look for facts and prepare visuals aid. 3. Write out support words on either small paper cards (NOTE! Not A4 paper!). OR write down all the support words on one paper. 4. Inititally these support used will be used a lot, but the goal is with practice to gradually need them less. But having them gives comfort and a "way out" if you forget what to say. 5. Practice the lecture at home and at school. Try to present it for any friend or family member! Practice, practice, practice! 6. Relax and remember that we should have fun when we hear each other lecture! 7. Now you are ready to present to the group in your class! The presentations begin!

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Writing on mobile device

1, Watch the video about limericks.

2,Choose something that you like and write your own limerick on your own mobile device, or a borrowed.  

3, Send it to someone.

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Thanks to Homeschool Pop

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For Swedish, see 

by Annika Helsing or the 

by GĂ„spennan Official.

Do a test, do not correct it but put it away. Practice hard and stubbornly for three weeks and do the same test again and compare the two tests.

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Learn about reading strategies:

Thanks to Shannon McGilloway

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Read a lot, and many different types of texts. Try reading a newspaper article with a friend and discuss what you have read. See if you can find a YouTube video about what you have read.

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Work in groups of 3. Say on of the others name and let them guess afterwards. Switch. 

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