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Atom is a basic buidling block of matter. This doesn't mean that there are no smaller particles than atom, but only atom is stable enough to exist on its own indepently or in a combination with other atoms in a molecul.

This very nice video gives more detailed info on the topic of atoms.

What is a molecul? A molecul would be a combination of different atoms in differen numbers and variations, bonded together. A good example for this is water with a chemical formula H2O, meaning the molecul of water is made of two atoms of hydrogen (H) and one atom of oxygen (O).

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Learn about the symbols from the english speaking movie below:

Draw them on cards with the symbol on one side and the explaining text on the other side.

Now you can look on one side and try to remember what the symbol means or vice versa.

Thanks to iHasco

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Informative video of the matter water:

Thanks to Smile and Learn 

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Watch this explaining video and take notes:

1, Rewrite your notes

2, Learn what you wrote

3, Try to find 5 examples of acids and alkaline in your home.

4, Arrange them according to the pH scale

Thanks to MooMooMath and Science

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11 Fascinating Chemistry Experiments

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Find information and answer these questions

Right or wrong… about air

1. Air is the same as oxygen

2. Air is a mixture of different gases

3. If you have a cold, tour ears will pop

4. Cold air rises

5. Air cotains water vapor

6. In winter, the skin may become dry. It’s because the air lacks moisture

7. We breathe the same air as Julius Ceasar and Elvis

8. On high mountains, the air is thin

9. Air is completely harmless to humans

10. The air in a very small town is as polluted as in Los Angeles


How long can you survive without air in space?

What do you know about the greenhouse effect?

Does air weigh anything?

Thanks to Jeanette Olausson and lektion.se

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In this lesson we will find out what dissolves in water. Follow the instructions below and good luck!

What dissolves in water?

Material: Beaker with water, spoon, various substances to test

1. Choose a topic and make a hypothesis!

2. Pour some of the substance into the water and stir for a while.

3. Look at the result and write it down.

SubjectI believe this will happen:What happened?
Baking powder
Cocao powder
Coffee powder
Tea leaves
Oboy powder
White pepper
Washing-up liquid

Finally write you conclusion:





If you want to know more, there is a video why salt dissolves in water:

Thanks to Ulrika Hedenström Powered by lektion.se and Science Responsible

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Informative video about different separation methods

There are also useable information on this webpage by KeyStageWiki

Thanks to TedEd and KeyStageWiki

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A video about 3 Chemistry Experiments That Changed the World

Thanks to SciShow     

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do electrons behave in atoms? What is the octet rule? How can atoms lose or gain electrons? How are electrons involved in both ionic and covalent bonds?

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