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Top 10 GYM grade 7-9 skills and popular lessons

Gym bring me health!
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Lesson created In 7-9 by Sanna Messman Star (3.5k)  

Breaststroke technique
In breaststroke your face is underwater


  • Keep your legs straight and together.
  • Bend your knees that your heels are near your bottom. Keep your feet underwater. 
  • Turn your toes out and flex your calf. This will help you to push more water to the sides. 
  • Move your legs (still bended) apart slightly from each other, straighten your legs quickly and bring them back together.


  • At first your arms are straight and together. 
  • Keep your elbows high while you are pulling hands towards your chest. 
  • Join both palms together in front of your chest and move your hands out until your arms are straight again. 

In breaststroke lift your face up from water, breath and return your face back underwater.

Backstroke technique 
In backstroke your face is above water


  • Use your both legs to do an alternating up-down movements. 
  • Make sure your feet are pointed and your leg should be slightly bended when it moves down. 
  • Straighten your leg when it moves up.


  • The arms are doing opposite alternative movements.
  • The propulsion movement is created when other arm is under the water and pulls back from the front to the hip.
  • Meanwhile one arm is brought forward from the hip above water.
  • When your are doing arm movements remember to roll your body from side to side.

In backstroke breath normally and in freestyle turn your head to the side, breath and return your face back underwater

What can I do now?

Read texts and watch videos. Practice swimming techniques (kicks and arm movements) at home in front of mirror. Does it look at same than in the videos?  This will help you to improve your coordination and that way it is easier for you to do same movements in the pool. When your swimming technique is correct you can swim longer distances! 

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Lesson created In 7-9 by Nelli Numminen Guru (7.4k)  

Health is a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being. It is a resource for our everyday life. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources as well as our physical capacities. 

How EXERCISE affects your health?

Exercise has many positive impacts to our physical, mental and social health

  • It helps us to sleep better
  • Makes us enjoy life more and prevents depression
  • Helps us to remember and solve problems
  • Exercise has a big part in preventing and treating diseases such as many cancers and type 2 diabetes 
  • Has a very positive impact on our overall health

How does the RIGHT DIET affect your health?

  • The right kind of diet helps us to keep going and adds our wellbeing
  • Healthy food is tasty, colorful, versatile and has a lot of vitamins in it
  • It is important to eat regularly, it helps you to avoid unhealthy fast food
  • Good food = good mood 

Watch this video about overall health by St. Luke's University Health Network

Things to remember on correct working position:

  • Keep you head leveled, facing forward, and in-line with the torso
  • Shoulders should be relaxed 
  • Back is fully supported with appropriate lumbar support
  • Feet are firmly on the floor or in a footrest

Answer this:

How can you support your overall health with exercise and a healthy diet?

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