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Have you ever come across the problem of understanding how warm or cold it is when the temperature is given in Fahrenheit or vice versa, if you live in the US, in Celsius? Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could have a machine that would do the conversion for you? This is what functions do: You input something, and it is given as output as something else according to a rule.

Let’s learn the theory about Functions:

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How to scuplture an easy object

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What caused World War 1 Nationalism. Changes to the power structure of Europe. Arms race. Alliance system. Regional tension. Imperial ambitions. The consequences of World War 1 was enormous:

  • Map of Europe was reconstructed
  • Different treaties -> treaty of Versailles was the most significant one
  • Creation of League of Nation and Paris peace conference

 before the war                       after the war

Look at this short video of World War 1 to see the different phases of the war

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Here is a fantastic video about birds and nests.
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Learning coding nowadays is almost what learning to read and write was to people in the past. If you learn the “language of the machines” you will have a much better understanding of the world of the future and even the world you live in right now!

Here are a few excellent websites that teach you coding. They are sorted by the type of coding they are and what their difficulty level is. You should start from the right one according to your level of experience. Scratch programming is one way:

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Top 10 Business books

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How are you affected by fashion? 100 Billion Items of Clothing Are Produced Each Year. The Average Person Only Wears 20% of Their Clothes 80% of the Time. The Target Audience for Fast Fashion Retailers Is Largely Consumers Aged 18 to 24.

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With 3 chords you can play hundred songs. With all these chords, you'll be armed with the power to play thousands of different songs. Play them slow one string at the time and adjust your fingers.

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