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Consequences of floods:

A flood occurs when a river bursts its banks and the water spills onto the floodplain of a river. 

Floods can cause damage to homes and possessions, as well as disrupt communities normal way of life. 

Floods can cause:

  • A loss of life: Floods can cause death and injury. People can get trapped in their houses by the quick-rising waters
  • Damage to property: As floodwaters rise they can flow into low-lying properties. The river will be carrying huge amounts of pollution and silt that will destroy floors, walls and any electrical gear.
  • Pollution: Floods will wash chemicals and sewage into the water. The contaminated water will spread quickly over an area – causing public health issues and killing fish.
  • Destruction of habitat: Floods will destroy places where river animals and fish might have breeding grounds. Even slight changes to river temperature and water patterns can upset natural ecosystems.

Consequences of droughts:

  • Droughts endanger lives through thirst, hunger and the spread of diseases. 
  • Reduction in food production. 
  • Droughts and famines have other geographical impacts such as people that migrate to a new home. This can put pressure on resources in neighbouring communities. 

Consequences of earthquakes:

  • Buildings might collapse and homes might be destroyed.
  • People may be killed or injured. 
  • Transport links might be disrupted. 
  • Communication lines might break. 
  • Basic services might be destroyed (electricity and water supply)
  • Shops and businesses might be destroyed. 
  • Economies might slow. 

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Natural Hazards and vulnerable places
Here you can learn a bit more about Natural Hazards, such as Earthquakes, Volcanoes and what causes them.

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